dehumidification and mold prevention 
 photo-catalytic coating - textured 
amnova, llc assists you in protecting your and your customers buildings against mold, mildew, energy loss and pollutants. amnova, llc provides effective solutions to create a healthier, cleaner and more  comfortable living and working environment.
Indoor wall panels and coatings  preventing the growth of mold and  mildew to provide better indoor air  quality.
Natural indoor thermal insulation  boards to provide a more comfortable  indoor living environment.    
Self-cleaning indoor coatings and  building materials reducing airborne  contaminants and toxic pollutants to  provide a healthier indoor living  environment.   
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 mineral interior insulation wall system 
  photo-catalytic coating - textured 
  photo-catalytic coating - smooth 
  photo-catalytic coating for ceiling panels 
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AMNOVA, LLC is a Member of the U.S. Green Building Council  
capillary active mold prevention 
anti-condensation coating 
dehumidification and mold prevention