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redstone™ FILLER  
Special gypsum-free compound for joints and finish coat.
Properties: • hydrolytic curing • conducts capillary moisture • highly alkaline • high bonding strength Processing: Before application read the prodcut label carefully.   Content: 44lb
Technical Data Sheet
Requests / MSDS
Area of application: For the application on redstone MOMA™, redstone PURA™ and redstone™ MEGA boards
Mix the Amnova LLC Filler (55lb) with approx. 2 gal clean water. Stir slowly with electric drill mixer until smooth and homogeneous resulting in a total amount of approx. 27.5lb applicable filler.
Amount required: For joints: 1.6oz per sq.ft. For finish coat: 0.2 – 0.4lb per sq.ft.