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LUNO - Active Panel Paint  
Photo-catalytic coating for ceiling panels LUNO - Active Panel Paint is a ready-to-use coating for existing and new ceiling panels. Organic substances, odor and toxic pollutants are decomposed through a light- induced photo-catalytic process using Titanium Dioxide in combination with natural and artificial light. The performace was scientifically proven in numerous studies performed by Universities, Laboratories and internationally acknowleged Technical Testing Facilities.
Properties: • Color: white - self cleaning - stays “white” forever! • Active Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide • application with paint brush, roller or spray gun • eliminates pollutants, odor, VOC’s and airborne toxic substances • provides healthier and more comfortable indoor air - permanently! • prevents ceiling panels from discoloration Processing: (see Technical Data Sheet below) Content: 2.64 gal. for 860 sq.ft. of applied surface
Technical Data Sheet
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Area of application: For indoor application on existing and new ceiling panels.