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redstone™ MEGA system Installation Instructions
MATERIALS and TOOLS needed for application:
- redstone MEGA™ board - redstone™ SPECIAL ADHESIVE S - cement board screws or nails - circular saw or jigsaw - sanding paper - screwdriver
1.  cut board with jigsaw, handsaw or circular saw to size
4. use cement board screws, nails or staples (wood only) to fasten board to ...
5. ...metal studs
5. ...or wood studs
Note: redstone™ MEGA can alos be used as a subflooring on wood trusses and floor joists as well as in ceiling panels. For instructions on specific installations contact out technical department at 1-888-556-2897.
2.  or cut and snap with a widia-score knife
3.  sand and slightly bevel edges
6. cut out opening and other shapes with a jigsaw or...
7. ...a circular drill
8. embed redstone™JOINT TAPE into redstone™ FILLER on every horizontal and vertical joint. 9. apply redstone™ PRIMER on entire surface before final coat of redstone™ FILLER will be applied (with the application of tiles etc. follow manufacturers instructions)
For the application of redstone™ MEGA onto redstone™ PURA see redstone™ PURA installation instructions.