capillary active mold prevention
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redstone™ MEGA - System
redstone™MEGA system is a new dry construction system whose innovative elements are internationally patented. redstone™MEGA system is an all-purpose solution adaptable for wall, ceilings and floor applications. Dependability, simplicity and peace of mind, even for the most demanding applications. redstone™MEGA system offers the opportunity to create high quality and sustainable interior space. From basement to attic - redstone™MEGA is the perfect solution for updating interiors, renovation and remodeling or new construction. Perfect for areas with prolonged exposure to moisture. Development of mold is prevented due to the high pH-value of redstone™MEGA system elements and its diffusible structure prohibits the formation of condensate.
All the advantages of dry construction
Easy installation
One unique panel for all applications
Durability and moisture regulation for mold-free living
redstone™ MEGA board
redstone™ JOINT TAPE
redstone™ PRIMER
redstone™ FILLER
Multi-functional high-density calcium silicate board
Installation Instructions