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redstone MOMA™ Reveal Board  
Technical Data Sheet
Requests / MSDS
For the thermal insulation of window and door reveals and to prevent thermal bridges.
Board dimensions:
Ratings: Mold Resistance as per ASTM 3273, ASTM G-21: Highest possible score Thermal Resistance as per ASTM C518, DIN 52612 (ISO 8301): R 2.33 
- regulates indoor humidity, prevents mold and prohibits the formation of condensate - contains no mineral fibers, no additives, no VOC, no formaldehyde! - Easily cut with a hand saw or a jigsaw - easy application! - Glued directly to the wall with redstone™SPECIAL ADHESIVE S - non combustible, A1
- no drilling, no nailing, no screws!
1’-8” x 10” (length x width) thickness: 5/8”
Area of application:
Adheared directly to masonry, brick walls, aerated concrete and poured concrete walls.