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redstone MOMA™  
Low-density Calcium Silicate Insulation and Renovation board to regulate indoor humidity
Board dimensions:
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Low-density calcium silicate board
Ratings: Mold Resistance as per ASTM 3273, ASTM G-21: Highest possible score Thermal Resistance as per ASTM C518, DIN 52612 (ISO 8301): R 2.33 
redstone™ MOMA board is a lightweight, low density, cellulose-reinforced calcium silicate board which reduces interior condensation to an optimum level and resulting in an improved the indoor air quality. Since the surface remains permanently dry, mold spores are unable to settle on the surface. The products ph-value of 10.5 (alkaline) prevents the development of an environment conducive to mold growth (ph-value of 4.5 - 6 – acid to neutral). In addition, the redstone MOMA™ board improves the thermal insulation of the surface area. The result of  increasing interior surface temperature prevents the formation of condensation on the wall. redstone MOMA™ does not contain any mineral fibers or other additives, such as formaldehyde or VOC’s. redstone MOMA™ provides no breeding ground for mold, remains free of insects, vermin and does not release any toxic gases in the event of fire.
- regulates indoor humidity, prevents mold and prohibits the formation of condensate - contains no mineral fibers, no additives,  no VOC, no formaldehyde! - Easily cut with a hand saw or a jigsaw - easy application! - Glued directly to the wall with redstone™SPECIAL ADHESIVE S - non combustible, A1
- no drilling, no nailing, no screws!
4’-11 7/8” x 3’ - 3 3/8” (length x width) thickness: 1”
Area of application:
Adheared directly to masonry, brick walls, aerated concrete and poured concrete walls.