Mineral Interior Insulation System
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redstone PURA™ - System
redstone PURA™ board
Perfectly natural...   naturally effective !
The results are impressive: Eliminate up to 85% of heat loss, relative to the insulated wall area, with the Amnova LLC PURA Insulation Board. The components of Amnova LLC PURA are exclusively natural: Quartz sand, lime and clay. No fibers no plastics.
Due to its capillary vapor-diffusion structure the board succeeds in absorbing large quantities of moisture and releasing it via surface evaporation and ventilation. It regulates not only the temperature balance but also the moisture balance in any building ...naturally! 
Thermal Resistance as per ASTM C518, DIN EN ISO 6946: R6.11
Mold Resistance as per ASTM 3273, ASTM G-21: Highest possible score.
Recommended by Building Biologists of the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim, Germany.
 Warm in winter - Cool in Summer
Innovative, natural and energy efficient
Improving your Living Comfort
Reduce Global Warming
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