Anti-Condensation Coating
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redstone™ WOS
Technical Data Sheet
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Aqueous, solvent-free coating for the regulation of indoor air humidity and the prevention of mold growth.
- prevents mold growth
- absorbs excess humidity
- provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate
- color: white
Area of application:
For application on mineral surfaces.
Before application read the technical manual carefully. Before application stir aqueous mixture slowly for at least 2 3 minutes to allow the product to decrease viscosity and to achieve an ideal texture for processing. Best results if applied with sheep skin paint roller, brush or by spraying. Apply two layers at approx. 0.16 to 0.25 lb per ft . Let the first layer dry for approx. 1 hour before applying second layer.
Drying time:
Approx. 24 hours (1 mm thick) depending on environmental conditions.
11 lb